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Registration 2023

Get ready for our 30th Arkansas State Youth Conference!!!!  As we continue to recover from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we invite you all to participate in this year’s 1-Day SYC.  The Pandemic Virtual SYC was successful for 2 years.  I am thankful for this opportunity to see each other at this exciting, edifying, and evangelistic 1-Day SYC.  The Central Arkansas Youth Forum will host the Arkansas State Youth Conference on Saturday, July 15th on the campus of Harding University.  This is another opportunity for our youth to meet other young people from around the state of Arkansas who are focusing on living a Christian life and staying connected.  This will be an excellent experience for spiritual growth! 

This year's conference will include class sessions, Indoor Challenge, SYC Extravaganza, our State Youth Pageant, a luncheon, the annual Reginald K. Murdock Jr. Scholarship, and the RKMJ State Youth Conference Sponsorship awards.  Our theme for this year's conference is the same as the NATIONAL YOUTH CONFERENCE...










The registration cost for this year’s conference is only $40.  It will include your SYC T-shirt, a luncheon, and door prizes.  To help keep the costs down we’re asking the registering congregations to donate $50.  You can submit your registration online at  Please follow these steps to submit your online SYC Registration Fee:

  1. Enter your amount

  2. Select Youth Ministry after you enter your amount. 

  3. Enter your payment method.

  4. Please select cover processing fees, so that your full registration amount goes to the SYC.

  5. Enter State Youth Conference in the Comment section.

  6. Final select Give $###. ##

























Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  We need your T-shirt orders by Saturday, June 19th. 


             If you have any questions, please contact Robin Mitchell at 501-993-8389.

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