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The Reginald K. Murdock, Jr. Memorial Scholarship is open to high school seniors and college undergraduates committed to serving both their church and their community.  The following qualifications must be met:

  1. Be a member of the Church of Christ.

  2. Have attended multiple Arkansas State Youth Conferences, including the year for which you are applying.  The scholarship will be awarded during the conference. 

  3. Submit 3 letters of recommendation.  One letter from your minister, one from the youth director or a youth worker, and one from a school teacher/professor. 

  4. GPA of 3.5 or above.

  5. Submit a copy of your most recent transcript.

  6. Proof of enrollment at an accredited academic institution.

  7. Submit a 500-word minimum essay that includes:

  • Why you should be awarded a scholarship that honors Reginald K. Murdock, Jr.

  • What attribute(s) he possessed that are also evident in your life

  • What attribute(s) he possessed that you are not as strong in and how you plan to improve in that area(s).

  • Your future plans and goals. 

You can upload your deliverables to 

Deadline:  June 25th

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