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Arkansas State Youth Conference Pageant



The Purpose of the State Youth Conference Pageant is to stimulate and promote that inner Christian ability in every youth.  Through Christian competition, each one should recognize the talent God has given us for the strengthening of the Body of Christ and for his honor and glory.





A youth must compete and win on the STATE level before competing at the National Youth Conference Pageant to represent his or her State. 

The age qualification is 13-20 years old. 


There will be two divisions:


Division A:      Miss National Youth Conference (Ages 16-20 for both categories)

Mr. National Youth Conference


Division B:      Miss National Congeniality (Ages 13-15 for both categories)

                        Mr. National Congeniality




Contestants must compete by presenting a Speech on the Conference Theme and a Talent. They must also state in 100 words or more “Why You Chose To Compete.”


Contestants must have a grade point average of at least 2.0 and be in good standing academically.  Contestants must not be married or have a child(ren).


Each contestant will be judged on the following:


1)  Personal Appearance – 10%

2)  Speech (with three (3) sub-categories) has a total of 45%

·  Content – 15%

·   Delivery – 15%

·  Originality – 15%

3)  Poise – 10%

4)  Personality – 10%

5)  Special Talent Displayed – 25%



All contestants must receive one letter or recommendation for competition from each of the following:  Minister, Church Counselor, Elder, School Counselor or Principal.   A bonus of three (3) additional points will be given for sending not less than two (2) letters and five (5) points for all three recommendations.

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